Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Enlarged Prostate - Lifestyle Modifications

Prostate glands vary in size for different patients and symptoms may not correspond the requisite treatment for every patient. While for most a lifestyle change with plentiful exercise may suffice as a treatment option for others medication may do the work. In case of a substantial discomfort where lifestyle adaptation and medication isn't enough, a surgical intervention is required.

Life Style Changes

Due to the fact that major discomforts associated with an enlarged prostate develop slowly over time following simple lifestyle modifications go a great deal in working with the problem. Enlarged prostate develops very slowly that put a person in the advantage for not developing severe symptoms immediately, rather very slowly over time. 

Reduce intake of caffeine, fizzy drinks, alcohol and artificial sweeteners

These can cause irritation in the bladder worsening the urinary symptoms.

Lessen Fluid Intake during evening hours

Drinking less in the evening reduced the probability of getting up late at night to use the toilet which might cause you to experience fatigue due to a disturbed sleep. However, it is advisable that you compensate by drinking during the day a minimum of up to 2 litres.

Use toilet before going out

It is advisable that before you leave the house or maybe if you are travelling a long distance that you use the toilet.

Urinating Twice

Once you urinate it can help with urinating again after a few minutes so that the bladder gets completely empty during second urination releasing the remaining urine left during the first urination. 

Check what medicine you are on

Certain medicines may produce unwanted side effects and aggravate urinary symptoms like anti-depressants or decongestants. Ask your doctor if it's alright to continue using them
Include more fruit and fibre in your diet
This helps in easing bowel movements, and flushing cholesterol and harmful carcinogens out of the body. Being constipated can strain the bladder and also lead to worsening urinary symptoms.

Take care of your weight

It's always healthy to maintain your body weight in the right range as per your age. Being overweight can negatively make your symptoms worse.

Plentiful Regular Exercise

A good lifestyle always begins with exercising your muscles daily. If you do not follow any fitness regime then it may be a good idea to take some healthy suggestions from your doctor so that you can make sure whatever exercise you're planning on doing is safe.

Bladder Training

This can greatly help with handling the urgency to use toilet again and again by assisting in holding urine for longer periods and reducing involuntary leaking as well.

Massaging the Urethra

The urethra is pressed gently so that any urine left is removed and dribbling can be prevented.

Absorbent pads or Urinary Sheath

These are worn inside the underwear to soak up any leaks.


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